Friday, February 10, 2012

Making a wood duck house

Last Saturday, my nephew and I made our first wood duck house. From what Peyton's dad has told me, Tuckahoe used to have a pretty significant wood duck population until one time a group of hunters decided to take more than their limit, crippling the vulnerable population.
Over the last couple of months, I have seen some wood ducks near a small pond on the low grounds at Tuckahoe. After doing some research on how to help bring back the population, it seemed like building a few wood duck houses was one of the best ways to ensure a "safe" environment to reintroduce the population to an area.
I got some plans off the internet and had some wood cut at Lowes and then went to town making a house with my nephew. All in all, it was a great experience with Micah. I love the chance to hang out with him and teach him some things about the woods, carpentry, nature, and God. We have plans to put the house up next weekend at the pond and hope to build a few more this Spring- hopefully in time for a healthy population next winter.
Here are some pictures of the finished product.



  1. I put up 13 wood duck houses a month ago on the Mississippi river in Minnesota. No eggs yet but am noticing wood duck feathers in the houses. Hopefully will have eggs by this weekend.I like the predator guard you made I made a blog on my wood duck project. Take a look.

  2. My son just made 21 wood duck houses for his Boy Scout Eagle project to be placed in the Florida Everglades.