Thursday, October 28, 2010

Current Reads

As many of your know, I love books. I typically have two or three books I am working on at a time. I just thought I would use this post to mention the three books I am working on right now.

1. Partner to the Poor- Paul Farmer.

Paul Farmer is a hero of mine. Most of his childhood was spent either in campgrounds or on a fifty foot leaking boat outside of Tampa, Florida that his family called home. Farmer went on to Harvard Medical school where he commuted between Boston and Haiti on a regular basis, starting grass roots medical clinics in the most under served areas. He went on to start Partners in Health, a non profit organization committed to ensuring access to quality medical care in Haiti, Rwanda, and other under served areas of the world. This book is a collection of his writings. One of the books he is most known for is Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder.

2. Midwives- Chris Bohjalian

This is the most recent book I started. So far, (taken from Amazon description) Sybil Danforth, midwife and mother of the story's narrator, 14-year-old Connie, has a thriving practice and normal family life. Then the unthinkable happens: on a cold winter night in the middle of coaching Charlotte Bedford through her lengthy and strenuous labor, tragedy strikes - Charlotte dies while trying to give birth to her son. With phone lines heaving with ice and roads too treacherous to drive upon, Sybil is forced into a decision -to save the unborn baby via a homemade Caeserean or let him die along with his mother.

3. Starving Jesus- by Craig Gross & J.R. Mahon.

I just finished reading this book a few days ago. The book's focus is to encourage Christians to get out of the church and into the world and stop being "born again lazy". Overall, a good read. It talks a lot about the usefulness of prayer and fasting as part of routine disciplines that should be practiced by all followers.

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