Thursday, February 24, 2011

2011 Reading List

Just a quick post to highlight the books I've read thus far in 2011. The list is not lengthy as it's only the end of February but I thought I'd give some highs and lows of each book. A few of these books were carry overs from 2010, but wrapped up in the beginning of this year.

Midwives- Chris Bogjalian
Highs: Page Turner, Thriller. Portrayed public's skepticism of non-traditional birthing methods.
Lows: Story dragged on at times.

Eight Hours Before Richmond- V.C. Jones
Highs: Historical account of Civil War invasion of Richmond and detailed plot of the Union Army
Lows: As with other Civil War books, particulars are assumed in the author's narrative.

Reason for God- Tim Keller
Pros: I actually didn't get to finish this book, as a guard in the Haitian airport spotted it and thought it looked interesting and asked me how much it would costs for a book like it in the States. I handed it to him and told him he could have it. Perhaps I'll finish it one day, but overall, it highlighted some common arguments most skeptics have and gave fair arguments for skepticism on both sides of the God arguments. Tim Keller does not write in a tone to prove people wrong, but rather to highlight where truth exists clearly.

Off the Grid- Nick Rosen
Highs: Highlighted a multitude of different reasons people might be living off the grid. Went beyond the green movement and into other reasons that lead people to live a lifestyle independent of the grid.
Lows: Author showed opinion in a book I expected would be an unbiased approach to explaining why people live off the grid.

Life is So Good- George Dawson
Highs: Just started this book a couple days ago. So far, the author, who the story is about, does a tremendous job of bringing his story to life. Growing up in the deep South, the grandson of slaves, he tells the story of working for white families across the South and yet highlights the values instilled in him from a young age: to never complain, to always work hard, respect elders, and always to enjoy the small things in life. Mr. Dawson taught himself to read when he was 98 and tells his story in this uplifting biography.
Lows: None to mention yet, except I will probably wish the book was longer.

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