Monday, February 7, 2011

Goshen Pass/Spy Rock

    Last week, Kyle and I drove over to paddle Goshen Pass on the Maury River.The level was just under 1,000cfs. Below are some pictures from a sunny, but cold afternoon on the pass. A quick two laps and we were back in time for an evening study session at the library.

       Sunday morning, Peyton and I drove to Lexington where I was involved in a pannel discussion about local college ministries in the area. I definitely felt honored to be a part of this discussion group at the church I attended while at VMI. It was great catching up with the pastor and other friends from Grace. I am always impressed with their continued hospitality and courtesy to the people of their church and community.
As we drove back over the mountain to Richmond, we stopped for a quick hike up to Spy Rock, in Montebello, Virginia. Below are some pictures of our hike. A short, but rewarding hike indeed. Always feel grateful for the beauty in Virginia and the chance to get out in between the work and studying that seems to keep me pretty busy these days.


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