Thursday, March 3, 2011

Afternoon in DC

  Yesterday afternoon, my Dad and I left Richmond headed for DC to watch Reggie's team play against the Wizards. Reggie Williams was in my class at VMI. Being that we only graduated 215, we were a tight knit class. I had a few classes with Reggie and went to most of the home games at VMI. He was the highest scoring player in the nation our junior and senior year and then played professionally in Europe for two years after college. Last year he was called up from the NBA development league to play for the Golden State Warriors who had some injuries and were in need of a high scoring forward. This is his 2nd year in the NBA and currently has an average of 10.6 ppg this season.
We got to DC around 5:00 and stretched our legs walking around Chinatown and the museum district. We stopped by the Naval memorial and the National Library Reserve. We grabbed some dinner before the game and got to the Verizon center about an hour before the tip off. We were hoping to see Reggie practicing before the game but he stayed in the locker room till the team came out right before the game. Being the first NBA game I've been to, it was actually really impressive. I always thought NBA was a slower paced game than college hoops, but it was actually a much faster paced game than I expected.
The Warriors won the game by 6 and Reggie (55) scored 11 pts. 
A good experience indeed, along with some good times with my dad. Hope to get back next year if Reggie's still in the league. Below are some pictures from the afternoon.

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