Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday afternoon creekin'

     Yesterday, Ben and I headed out from Richmond around noon headed for Staton's Creek in Amherst County. It rained the whole drive there and continued to rain until we got home. Wen we arrived, the level was close to 200 cfs. The first time I ran this creek it was close to 125 cfs, so I knew it would be somewhat bigger, but I didn't really know how it would compare. When we put on, we skipped past the entrance rapid as there was sticky hole at the bottom. We ended up scouting most of the run since there was quite a buildup of wood in a lot of the drops. We also skipped over two of the other big drops because of wood, but ended up having a great time on this micro Virginia creek. When we got off, we found out that it has risen close to 300 additional cfs since we put on. We had no idea we were running it close to 500 cfs! All in all, a really fun run. When we got back to Richmond, we were greeted by a surprise party for Ben at our apartment which Peyton had planned out. Definitely a fun way to end a good day of paddling. Additionally, it looks like we've got some big water headed to Richmond, with the James expecting to crest around 13 feet tomorrow afternoon.

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