Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So, I figured the blog was overdue for some updating. I also decided I should actually write something instead of taking the easy way out by just posting a pretty picture or sweet video. Trying to think back a couple weeks...what's been going on.. I'll try to cover some highlights, starting with most recent and stretching as far back as the memory will allow..which may or may not be past a few days.
This past weekend was good times indeed. It all started with the last session of RCLI which was entitled "wrapping it all up", or something along those lines. I've been blessed to be part of a Christian leadership program with many like-minded, ambitious, humble individuals seeking to serve God in Richmond. It has been a really humbling experience to see what God is really up to in our city and the ways he is using lawyers, teachers, Mary Kay reps, business consultants, and graduate students alike to serve a city such as ours. I have been humbled by the hearts my classmates, our presenters, and the leaderrs of RCLI have been given for the people in our city. One of the last excercises our group had to do this weekend was to artistically (some more than others) portray what we see as our desired future. Because I feel like I am truly living by faith during these times in my life, my picture was blank besides for the words "His will be done". I think this describes the last two years and the point I have finally arrived at when thinking about the future. I almost feel secure in this statement and comfortable stating it as a declaration of what I hope the future holds.

Next stop was River Rock. This is a festival held in Richmond that consists of kayaking, bouldering, trail races, dog jumping, seed spittin, hula hoopin, and belly dancin...I may or may not have added the last two..or three..hoping they will be on next years competition agenda. The trail race that I was supposed to run in got postponed Saturday evening because of some lightening storms in the area. We ended up running the race the next morning with a few less competitors. It was a 10k race on the north and south sides of Belle Isle. Definitely a tough race, but a really fun time.

Sunday afternoon we headed out to VMI for William and Caleb's graduation. William was my "rat" at VMI. We ended up staying at a cabin with his family Sunday night just outside of Lexington. It was really cool to see the transition he has made over the last three years. Good times at the Institute.
On our way back Monday afternoon, Peyton and I stopped by Spy Rock for a quick afternoon hike. Beautiful as usual- we enjoyed a rest at the top with a 360 degree panoramic view of the three ridges in the distance.

I knew this would happen- my memory isn't taking me much past four or five days. It can't be anything too exciting that your missing, so we'll just have to pick up from here next time.
I'll leave you with a shoutout video from a group who had one of their members sadly shot and killed on Monday- Cali Swag. You may have heard of the Dougie, a dance move named after Doug E. Fresh, a pioneer in beat boxing. Well, if you haven't learned the Dougie, here's a video that will teach you, preformed by members of Cali Swag.

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