Tuesday, May 31, 2011

squirt boating

Went squirt boating a few weekends back on the New just outside of Blacksburg. Definitely a different type of boating altogether- super cool though. Got to paddle with some of the pioneers of squirt boating which was cool. My friends Josh and Peter are trying to convince me to get into it, so I figured I would try it out. I've posted a video below the pictures to show you just what squirt boating really looks like (make sure your volume is up- some good banjo pickin on the video). Squirt boating is definitely a whole other subculture (no pun intended) of boating.

On the way back from the New I stopped by Goshen Pass and paddled a lap on the Maury. Hard to turn down an 85 degree day on such a great run. Goshen Pass is probably one of my top favorite places to paddle. Ended up doing a solo run, but ran into several other boaters on the river as it was a perfect river day.

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