Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mushroom hunting

    Woke up bright and early this morning to go hunting at Tuckahoe. No, not turkey hunting..this time I was hunting for mushrooms. One of Daniel's friends, Steve, has been hunting mushrooms for over 30 years. I called him up a few days ago to see if he would take me-so he did. We found several stands of chanterelles, and a few old chicken of the woods, as well as some cauliflower mushrooms. On our way our of the woods, I happened upon part of a deer skull under some leaves. I think I'll clean it up and give it to one of my friends who loves collecting old skulls of deer and cows. Definitely was a fun time stomping around in the woods bright and early with an expert woodsmen to show me the mushroom hunting ropes. Looking forward to doing it again soon!
Below are some pictures of the harvest.

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