Thursday, July 28, 2011

A mountain weekend

   This past weekend was really awesome. Friday night Peyton and I hung out with Larry and Deshawn, our friends from Barton Heights. We took them out to dinner at Chipoltle, a stroll around the VMFA, and lastly a pit stop to Sweet Frog before taking them home. Saturday morning Peyton and I arose early and hit the road headed towards Friendsville, Maryland. I met a couple "friends" in Friendsville and got in a lap in on the Upper Yough. Peyton did some hiking while I paddled and she ended up meeting a Menonite family she hung out with along the trail. After paddling, we went over to Ohiopyle to get some ice cream and check out the falls. That night we camped along the middle Yough with Erin and a few other folks from PA. On Sunday morning, Peyton and I rented a duckie and had a great time paddling down the lower Yough with Erin. It was a great time being with Peyton and being on the river together. A couple pictures of the Upper and LowerYough below:

After paddling the Lower Yough, Peyton and I packed up and took off towards Davis, WV. When we arrived in Davis, we checked into our bed and breakfast and got a burrito at one of the local's favorite spots- Hellbender Burrito. The town was crowded with mountain bikers who had just competed at Canan Valley in a downhill single track race. After grabbing a bite to eat we set off for Blackwater Falls which is only about a ten minute drive from Davis. Below are a few pictures of the Falls and the beautiful scenery around Blackwater. We ended up sitting by the edge of the canyon till sunset. Below are a few pictures of Blackwater Falls park.

Once back in Davis, we drove one town over to Thomas to grab a drink at the Purple Fiddle Cafe. This was probably one of the coolest music venues I have been to in a while. With rustic wooden floors, drinks from mason jars, and fiddles lining the walls, it seemed like any folk musician's dream spot to perform. We made it through a few songs from a small folk group out of Asheville before we retired to the Inn. After a great breakfast at Bright Morning Inn on Monday, we set off for Lindy Point overlook in Blackwater Falls park. It had just started drizzling when we left, but we figured it might clear up by the time we drove and hiked down to the overlook. The rain picked up and poured on us until we got to the overlook. We figured we wouldn't see too much, considering visability was probably only 30'. We weren't that surprised to find even lower visability at the overlook. Despite a wet walk down to the overlook, we still managed to enjoy the cool, wet weather that has been a stranger to us in Richmond.

Our final stop would be Seneca Rocks, WV. The drive was rainy and foggy through the Canan Valley from Davis. We stopped in the general store once we arrived in Seneca and were told by the store owner that the trail was closed for maintenance but that there was a backup trail that would get us to the main hike up. It was a beautiful hike and equally beautiful views at the top. We had a quick lunch at the top and then enjoyed a leisurely hike back to our car. All in all, an awesome, restful, adventurous weekend. If you ever have the chance to check out Davis, WV- it is totally worth it. With Seneca, Canan Valley, Blackwater Falls State Park, Ohiopyle, and Friensville all within an hour, there is something for everyone.

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