Friday, July 22, 2011

"We need water, we need life"


    As I'm sitting here in my air conditioned office at work, I've already commented to at least three other colleagues this morning about intensity of the heat wave our city has been experiencing the last couple of days. As I think back to the last few days, I am reminded of the stories I read about the ongoing famine occuring in many parts of Africa. "Experts" are saying that this drought is one of the worst the eastern reigon of Africa has seen in over 60 years. Combined with the civil conflicts in many of these countries, food is as hard as it's ever been to find. UN secretary Ban Ki-moon says that in Somalia alone, over 3.7 million people are in serious need. He estimates it taking over $300 million in the next two months alone simply for an "adequate response".
    As I have sat on my comfortable couch, or at my semi-adequate desk chair, sipping on a cup of coffee, I am reading stories about people walking hundreds, and sometimes thousands of miles to simply find water, shelter, and shade. And here I am, complaining about the heat and how I had beads of sweat running down my face on my bike ride in to work. So- what do I do? Do I keep sippin on my coffee, laying back on my couch, looking at pictures of this "far away" land where PEOPLE are starving because they just can't find anything to eat? Maybe it's because I just can't relate to their circumstance that I can't feel their pain enough to actually do something about it. Maybe its because they are an ocean away and, well, shoot- I'm already working at a clininc for homeless people. We're handing out water to them on these hot days- isn't that good? Ok- I'm rambling- but these are my thoughts, and I feel as though I needed to write them down somewhere. I'm thankful for the ability to still feel emotions, even if it be rare. I pray for this visceral feeling of discomfort to continue-both here in the heat of the Richmond, and as we pray for those in need abroad.
Lord, bless these people who hunger and thirst. Be their portion.

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