Monday, July 18, 2011


       Last week seems like an overall blur as I think back. I seemed to have slipped into a routine last week of waking up, reading the paper/watching the first couple minutes of the tour, biking to work, staying busy throughout the day, mountain biking after work, going to the library, and then do it again. Ok, it wasn't that routine, but last week felt like I got into a habitual schedule. The weekend always seems to break whatever pattern the week has crafted, providing respite from routine. Friday evening we caught up with our friends Alli and Jeremy who just got back from a 6 week trip to Ghana where they worked with a group of medical students to provide some mobile medical relief. Because the weather was so nice, we took a walk to a nearby lake where we enjoyed the presence of a full moon. Saturday brought a restful morning of newspaper reading, coffee drinking, tdf watching, and farmer's market strolling- all with my lovely wife Peyton. Saturday morning's don't get much better than that. I got some good ole GRE studying in Saturday afternoon before Rob's wedding which was at the Science musuem. It was a real treat to be included at Rob's wedding. Rob is responsible for introducing me to kayaking when I was 13. He sold me my first boat, skirt, and paddle. I met Rob on a church youth group outing to the river where Rob and his dad took a group of us-middle and high school students- kayaking. My sister and I had just completed Passages camp earlier that summer where we learned the basics of kayaking, but I would give Rob the props for getting me started with this sport I've come to love. The wedding was a fun time indeed- good music, good food, good company, and the best part of all... the photo booth station. The weekend ended with some Sunday church, a bike ride with Jon on the buttermilk, gre studying, Legends, and the St. Stephens Compline service.
Below are a few pictures I took from the wedding..only two..weak, I know.


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