Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Over due update

The last couple weeks seem to be a blur. Seems to me, it has been mostly passed by studying, working, and bike riding, with a few epic hunts mixed in. I'm sure I have some pictures somewhere, but I think for now- I'm just going to start fresh with what I can remember about the last weekend.

On Sunday, my dad and I headed south towards Chapel Hill for an open house at the school of public health.
Some of you may know, I am currently in a certificate program through UNC- taking some of the core public health masters classes..

The program, Health Behavior Health Education, was having an open house for interested applicants.
I had only been to Chapel Hill once with Peyton passing through on a trip down to Asheville. A good friend of mine, Andrew, went to law school in Chapel Hill and was able to give my dad and I some suggestions for places to check out on our trip. We had coffee at an awesome coffee house in the woods- literally, called Cafe Driade. We also checked out a local market called Weaver Street market, similar to Richmond's Elwood Thompson's. We finished the night with dinner at Carolina brewery on Franklin St. Unfortunately, the night ended with a Steeler loss to the Ravens,but all in all, it was a great evening exploring Chapel Hill.
The Open House started bright and early Monday morning. Without going into too much detail, I really enjoyed the school, the professors and students I got to talk to, the areas of research faculty are involved in, the international and domestic opportunities for the summer practicum, and the warm, welcoming feeling felt by everyone I came in contact with. The school definitely exceeded my expectations in many ways.

Before we left Chapel Hill, my dad and I walked over to the school of orthodontics, where my grandfather had studied over 50 years ago.He was actually a student in the 2nd class to graduate from UNC's program. My dad wanted to see if there was any yearbooks or manuscripts that might have mentioned his dad that we could take a look at. We were having some trouble finding the department because of some construction that was going on, but we found a door that mentioned orthodontics, so my dad knocked. He told the student who answered what we were interested in finding, and literally, within two minutes, my dad and I were handed my grandfather's bound thesis paper. We were both in shock, looking multiple times at the year and name to make sure it was correct. As my dad paged through his father's thesis, I saw tears of joy streaming down his face. This had already been a very special day with my dad, and this just made it that much better. I am thankful for times like these because I know that I am incredibly blessed to have such an amazing father who cares so much about me.
Yes, I might have been the only applicant who brought their parent with them to the open house, but I was proud to have him with me. I wouldn't be where I am today without the love, support, and model that he has given and been to me and I was glad we got to share the weekend together.

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