Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Post Christmas hiking

The day after Christmas, Peyton, Nate, Lexi, and I headed off for an adventure, little did we know. We set our compass to Dolly Sods just outside of Seneca, WV. We planned to do a 10mile day hike and then meet Ian and Jess at a campsite in Seneca. That was the plan. Long story short, we ended up hiking close to 16 miles, 4-5 miles of it in the dark- luckily we all came prepared with lights and food for the latter part of the hike.
All in all, a beautiful hike, good times bonding, and of course, the highlight was that Ian had set up Nate and Lexi's tent and had a campfire ready for us when we arrived.
The next morning, we woke up to a cold rain, packed up camp, and made our way to Davis, WV- one of my favorite small towns. We ate breakfast at Bright Morning Inn, a bed and breakfast Peyton and I have stayed at in the past. After a couple of warm lovin spoonfulls and a hearty breakfast, we made our way down the road to our cabin at Blackwater Falls State Park.
Naps were had, tea was drunk, fires were kindled, books were read. It was one of those afternoons. After a while of laying around the cabin, Nate, Ian, and I went to see the falls and take a walk around the park.
When we got back, we had a pasta dinner and then made our way to the Purple Fiddle-one of the coolest music venues on the east coast. We heard an awesome bluegrass band, drank from mason jars, and stopped our feet to the rhythm of the banjo for the next couple of hours. Good times were had.
The next morning, we woke to 4 inches of snow. We took a hike to both the falls, and a beautiful overlook of the gorge.
All in all, a great weekend with some great friends. Might not beat a trip to Haiti, but definitely a good way to spend a few vacation days away from home.

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