Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Biking to Work

 The last couple of weeks, I have tried to be more intentional about riding my bike to work. There are many reasons, a few being the following: I only live about 2 miles away from work, so there is really no reason I need to drive; I use less gas in my car, I get exercise, I'm less likely to run errands over lunch where I'll spend money; I use my lunch hour to read instead of driving somewhere. Most of these are pretty selfish reasons to ride, except the eco-friendly part, I guess..
I was on a roll, four work day mornings in a row, and then this morning came. I looked outside when I woke up to see puddles of water and a cold rain falling from above. I had the rain gear, the bike panniers for an extra pair of shoes, flashing lights on my bike, and a beard..(don't know how that fits in, but it does). Was I going to "brave" the elements all the two miles two miles to work. Yes, I did. It felt invigorating. Was this the first time I've rode in the rain? No, but for some reason, it felt really good today.
Although I wish the above picture is what this morning's commute looked like, I'm afraid it looked more like this, without the cycling partner:

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