Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So much to give

As I reflect on the day, I am quickly reminded of how much the earth has to give us. This place we call home is one of the most giving beings I know that exists. Yes, as we have witnessed over the years, it has given us beautiful sunsets, natural rhythms that we adhere to, and magnificent creatures we can only be in awe of. But one cannot forget that this beauty is paralled by many "disasters" that have resulted in war, famine, sickness, and disease.
I was reminded of the giving spirit our planet has this morning as I rose early on the banks of the Rappahanock river. As I stepped outside I caught the last glimpses of a full night sky, on which Venus shined it's bright light. As I stepped aboard a small john boat that would take my father-in-law and I down river to a duck blind, I was reminded of the energy we are given by nature, whether by the sun's warm rays on a summer afternoon, or as I experienced, the brisk air whipping against my face this early January morning.
I am grateful once again to call this earth my home and I am amazed yet again at the Creator who so thoughtfully designed a place in which for us to inhabit.

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