Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mushroom hunting in the dark

   Last night, Ben and I ventured out to Tuckahoe for a mushroom hunt - getting a later start than expected. The light we did have for about 45 minutes led us to find a nice chicken of the woods, as well as bunch of other cool mushrooms we weren't able to identify. Wanting to check out one more spot before leaving, we grabbed a couple of flash lights from Peyton's mom and hit another patch in hopes of finding some oysters. We spotted a few mature oysters growing up a tree, so Ben climbed on my back and he picked a few for the taking. Ben wanted to make one last stop at a chanterelle patch before heading East. We found patch after patch of chanterelles- all by flashlight. We finally dragged each other out of the woods after getting turned around a couple times in the "dark".

All in all, an awesome mushroom hunt! We ended up taking them back to our place and cooking up some Mexican food with some chicken of the woods we had picked just an hour before. Nothing beats feasting on a bounty of freshly picked mushrooms.

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