Monday, September 12, 2011

Take a little time for howlin' at the moon

  Last week, my brotha Lee brought the region over 4" of rain, and in some parts, closer to 6". It was definitely a needed soaker that had been a stranger for too long. With the rivers on the rise, a few friends and I headed off to Nelson County to see what the creeks had to offer, only to find dem creeks done fallen by the time we got there. Only a mountain away,  we continued through George Washington National Forrest, down Rt. 56, towards Goshen Pass in Rockbridge County. Although it wasn't quite lunch time, I wasn't about to let us just drive pass Gertie's without at least saying hi. After filling up on pancakes, Cheerwine, grilled cheese, and fries, we hit the road and within a half hour, we were pulling up to the the takeout at Goshen. When we arrived, there was already a group of friends  from Charlottesville getting warmed up on their first lap.
After three laps, 6 boofs at Corner rapid, and maybe a first ever descent of the rock wall by Bobby and myself, we threw the wet gear in my trunk and headed east to Richmond where the James had jumped over 5' in less than 4 hours. It was bound to be a river weekend.

   Around 10:00 on Thursday morning, I read in the paper that President Obama was visiting Richmond the next day to give a speech on the American Job Act at University Of Richmond. The tickets would go fast, said the reporters, and would be available that afternoon at Jepson Hall, on the UR campus. I took a late lunch break and made a run for it-well, it was really a drive-and found the line to be shorter than expected. Within 20 minutes, I had two tickets in hand and was headed back to the Planet for a few late afternoon meetings.
On Friday, Dr. Stevens, our medical director at the Daily Planet, joined me  in seeing Obama after a we completed weekly medical outreach clinic at the Conrad Center. The speech was shorter than I imagined, but as expected, energy-filled and inspiring.

Friday evening and Saturday brought more kayaking on the James, including a first descent with my squirt boat. (Photo credit- Rich Young)


   Saturday afternoon I hit the books and the application to grad school. On Saturday evening, Marissa, Peyton, and I ventured to Orange, Virginia for a rodeo. It has been on my radar for some time and have just never had the chance to get to it. It is held the 2nd Saturday of every month between June and September, so this was the last one of the year. Definitely a good time with lots of action and by far the highlight was a fried catfish sandwich at the rodeo's snack stand.

  Sunday brought, church, purchasing our Haiti tickets for our trip over Christmas to NHHM, a couple hours of studying, a short Z-dam session with Loman, and lastly the Compline service at St. Stevens with Peyton- the best way to end a busy, but productive weekend.

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