Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I'm really starting to enjoy this pattern as of late. Last night, my good friend Amy came over to make some holiday soap with me. Soap making has been an adventure for me. I have been making soap on and off now for about two years. I hear that it takes most soap makers about ten years to really get it down. I'm about a fifth of the way there, and following the same pattern closely. This go around, I spent time contemplating the many factors involved in soap making and trying to remember the times it worked, and times it didn't and what I did or didn't do each time. So, for last night's batch, I decided we would wait it out. Ah, patience. It truly is a virtue. We would wait to mix the oils with the lye solution until it reached between 95 and 105 degrees. Not only would we wait to mix, but we would also mix thoroughly, to include an automatic beater. Only time will tell, but I think we may just have us a fine holiday soap that will hopefully make many people happy and clean!
So this is what we did- It was a night filled with stories, Christmas tunes, polish walnut bread, a warm fireplace, and as always, a lovin spoonful. And not just any spoonful, but tonight's spoonful brought a special cheer with a drop of Bailey's.
As the soap waits like a baby chick under it's mom's warm belly- no really, the soap is incubating under a pile of about 5 blankets- we will wait and pray that this is the batch! Time shall tell...

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