Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I woke up "early" this morning to go for a run. Not until later did I realize it was the first day of the Winter season. It's felt like winter here for a while now- hard to believe its just begun. With many calories to burn from holiday cookies and fudge, I hit the road running with a friend in Forrest Hill. As we finished the run, I was reminded of the beauty on this earth that I often overlook. One fear in life I have is that I will not take enough time to take in my surroundings and truly holler at the moon. Here are some pictures of this morning's sunrise.

  Take a little time for sunshine, take a whole lotta time for love 
Take some time to praise and thank heaven up above
Take your life as it may come, 'cause boy, it'll be gone soon
Take a little time for howlin' at the moon.
Sam Bush

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