Monday, November 8, 2010

Probably the best news I've received all weekend. Haiti nearly escaped the wrath of the previously foreseen furry-filled Tomas. This is what I needed. Hope. Was it an almighty hand that instructed the winds to blow this storm on a more western course than originally intended, or was it chance that caused earthquake torn, cholera-infested Haiti to nearly avoid a third devastating disaster in less than a year?
Seeing this article late yesterday afternoon was just what I needed.
A trip to the Richmond City Jail this past weekend with my RCLI class really broke me for the injustices around us every day. I am still struggling to process just what I saw, heard, smelled, and touched. Is the justice system corrupt, over worked, under-staffed, or am I just overly sensitive, naive, and ignorant?
These are issues I am wrestling with these days. How do we address issues of over crowded jails, placing the mentally ill behind bars, and treating all humans with dignity, while continuing to uphold justice, peace, and security for our citizens? I'm guessing this will never be completely figured out. Where does the church get involved in this issue? Do they? This particular issue hits home for me as I have a close relative in jail and others who have served time.

Smiles in Haiti.. just a lovin spoonful

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