Monday, November 29, 2010


This year, Bob and I picked the Smokies for our yearly excursion. It differed slightly from last year's pick- Vegas. Although there were no casino's or spas within reaching distance of our five star room, we still managed to have some fun. Arriving late Thursday night, we bunked in a one bedroom cabin- the three of us, Bob, Paul and myself. We awoke early Friday morning and after some coffee we hit the road, headed past Gatlinburg, and into the Smokies. Our eleven mile hike up Mt. LeConte greeted us with a brisk morning breeze as we set off across several scenic walking bridges. Our first hike included various stream crossings, a "cave" like staircase, an incredible bluff, and to our surprise, a snowy summit. At the summit of Mt. LoConte was the Mt. LeConte lodge which consists of 10 or more small cabins that people can rent out throughout the year:
Here are some pictures from our hike to Mt. LeConte

Saturday, we set out to hike Ramsey's Falls. This was an 8 mile hike with an impressive waterfall greeting us at mile 4. Here are some pictures from our hike. Thanks for reading the blog!

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